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Their opportunistic friends will learn their plans and speedily implement those strategies themselves, thereby emerging as winners. Therefore, in order to succeed in life, the number 4s should learn to control their tongue. Generally, people born under the number 4, 13, 22 and 31 suffer from black magic instigated by their friends or relatives.

The numbers 2 and 8 are not free from this evil form of tantras. According to western believe the number 13 is associated with evil. Even some of us fear the number Napolean Bonaparte was struck down at Waterloo only on the 13 th. According to some scientists, the world will burst to an end on November 13 Friday , due to a sudden increase in the world population to crores. The Jallianwalah Bagh massacre also took place on a 13 th 13 April People with their birth name numerology number 13 usually face many life or death problems in their life. Usually, people born on the days 4, 13, 22 and 31 and people with birth numerology name number 4 will face the wrath of their employers even if they work tirelessly.

They will face gossip and malicious rumors about them. Some of them even lose their government jobs due to bad luck. Hence the numerology number 13 may be suitable only for vehicles, not for humans. Similarly, the number 22 holds some bad luck. They will face sudden downfall in their life. They will be unexpectedly hated and betrayed by those they hold dear. This is one sad aspect of the number The people born on the days 13, 22 are free-spirited and love their independence. They do not like to comply mindlessly to their superiors.

They are egotistical, self-respecting and honour-bound. Hence they do not like to slave for others. Rather they try to attain a good position by working hard on their own.

This is the root cause for all their problems. If they learn to adjust with their superiors and work according to the differing points of view, they can achieve success. The numerology number 4 are very inquisitive and love learning about new things and gain novel experiences. Numerology number 4s love to be surrounded by cheery people.

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They hate solitude. The patience with which they earn money flies away when they spend it. They spend money recklessly over things that catch their fancy. They can make people work for them by commanding them.

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They always fight for the antagonistic causes. They do not mind spending for their friends. But they yearn for the true love of others. Whether in public or with friends they take up the current political, social scenario for debate.

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They are foodies, with a desire to taste anything and everything. They do not mind spending huge amounts on things like good food, entertainment. After a feasting comes fasting! This seems to be the motto of the number 4s who enjoy their food but worry about their wellbeing.

So, they go for natural healing and buy many herbal remedies for their good health. The number 4s think that their viewpoints are the only correct ones and do not mind imposing them on others. They take pleasure in shredding the views or arguments of others. Hook or crook, they try any means to achieve their goals. Still, they worry about their chances of success. They have this desire: to have everything they want, now!

Hate and anger characterize them. They overhear on those who subdue themselves to them; but, to people who spiritedly fight back, they behave in a polite fashion. Due to their suspicious nature and dominant behavior, the number 4s have very few friends. If anyone tries to interfere even good-naturedly in their work, the number 4s do not like it.

They show their resentment.

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But they interfere with the lives of every family member, leading to family strife. In their youth, they would have been sports players and fitness enthusiasts. But, laziness is one of their main enemies. It would be better to vanquish their sloth. They are also quick to anger, causing them grief later on.

Even while speaking about normal matters, they would try to force their decisions on others by raising their voice. They keep arguing about the same things again and again.

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By silence, they can win over their enemies. They will gain popularity and wealth. Their hearts do not worry much about getting more fame and wealth for personal reasons. Rather, they wish to be known for their intellectual and argumentative prowess. They do social service.

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Some of the number 4 politicians become obsessed idealists. As their income increases, their expenditure to increases at the same rate. Hence it would do them good to be cautious while spending. They are well versed in handling people and managing them to extract more work.

Jobs like police, supervisors are best suited for them. Lord Rahu is a very strong ruler among the nine astrological planets. He is very temperamental and does everything according to his wishes, in his own way.

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So, when the number 4 people face some sudden changes or unwanted deals coming their way, they should not despair that their wishes are not coming true. The number 4 people have a rough voice and speech. Their bravery and strength set them apart. They possess a dominant, almost military style of moving and speaking. They also have a strong, well-built physique. They might get married early in their life. They might even have to bear the burden of running the family. Many problems come their way.

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But like they say, troubles pile up only on those who can overcome them. Similarly, they can withstand any onslaught and rise up victorious. They will be blessed with loving spouses.