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Overview: This time period till 15th October will persuade you to do something exciting however try not to be driven away by it. You will build an imaginable fascination for occult science and research work and in due course will get brilliant open doors in the same field due to the placement of Saturn and Ketu in your eighth house. In case you need any kind of assistance you can count on your siblings. Make a point to counsel your seniors or parents before taking any major decision. Rahu is placed in your wealth house; in this manner keep a control on your flaunting nature generally this can make you land in awful situations.

Career: You can put resources in business and work trips but do not expect sudden results in light of the fact that this month will bring about a delay in outcome process. In this manner it is prudent to maintain a patience level because any type of abrupt action can ruin the entire scenario. This month will expect you to put in plentiful of efforts in case you wish to earn dignified position in your organization. You both will spend a quality time together by going on long drives, coffee and dinner dates, movie nights, clubbing and so forth!

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You will build an unfathomable interest in spirituality and hence will go about visiting religious places too. There are odds of certain disputes taking place because of minor arguments and misconceptions. But these could be settled by your efforts and comprehension. You can plan out a trip or an outing with your partner; this will in general solve misunderstandings and carry you both considerably closer to each other.

Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Money and Finance: This month is positive regarding financial matters. Past investments will fetch you a noteworthy worth, this factor will make you financially sound. However, abstain from placing assets in new or existing business in the light of the fact that there are odds of financial loss. A considerable portion of your income will be spent on purchase of luxurious items.

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Speculative investments and real estate business will be gainful during this period. An ancestral property will hold an extra ordinary worth. A huge portion of your savings will go towards purchasing a house for yourself and your family. Students and Children: Every single effort of yours will be taken into consideration and your amazing performance will help you in verifying a seat in desired college or coaching. Your teachers will acknowledge you for your commitment and dedication and you will receive their support throughout this period. Make a point to maintain key good ways from over confidence and in similar manner avoid wastage of your valuable time on friends and social media platforms.

Children can also be caught up by some kid of health disorders, so be cautious in that regards. There are no major concerns regarding your heath, just that try to maintain your speed while driving and make a deal not to drink and drive at any cost. You will organize get together and parties at your place as a medium to spend quality time with your relatives. There are odds of debates with father and siblings.

In between all this chaos your mother will be your pillar of strength. In case there were some issues regarding heritage property, these would be settled during this month. Diabetic and thyroid patients need to be additionally careful regarding their health. It is advisable to visit your doctor for regular checkups. Your new exercise routine starts showing positive results.

You feel much better, as you finally find a cure to an ailment. Meditation will help you immensely by keeping mental tension at bay.

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Joint aches will be reduced and you will have the energy to participate in outdoor activities. This is true regardless of the career that you choose, whether it be the culinary field or marketing.

On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra, and you should be mindful to watch for health issues. Be aware of your body, and not just in the sensual, pleasure-oriented sense of which Taurus natives are accustomed. Understand its triggers, messages and warnings. With Mercury in Libra, there is a suggestion of new parenthood, and Taurus natives make wonderful parents. On the 23rd, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can trigger complications in business and conflicts with women. Venus in Libra enhances your desire for education as well as fame.

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Your body is filled with positive energy, as is your mind and soul. You may find new job opportunities flooding your way. Mars in Virgo suggests good news but do exercise caution. The slightest criticism from your side may make them defensive and it may even lead to a big quarrel between you two. Married couples will have a good time though. This time will be excellent for your love life as you finally meet the partner of your dreams and this person seems to return your feelings too. You must put your best efforts into making this relationship work as this bodes well for your overall happiness.

Those of you who are already in a committed relationship with someone must avoid any dishonesty when dealing with your partner. As far as love is concerned, this month will be excellent for those of you who are divorced or separated. You will finally meet someone with whom you are truly compatible and this person will like you too.

Do not let this opportunity go to waste and do not take this person for granted. It is a good time for you to express your feelings to someone you like or propose marriage to your beloved.

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  7. It is very important that you be honest about your feelings and try to keep any misunderstandings at bay. In spite of your communication skills and innovative ideas, there may be a lull on the professional front as the month begins. So, leave no stone unturned to reach your targets. This time emphasizes injecting more quality into every alliance, partnership and team. It is also time for you to formulate some good strategies to succeed in your efforts.

    At the same time, it would be good if you improved your communication skills. Business persons may have to travel either overseas or within country for some good opportunities and journeys would prove to be beneficial for them. Grab a challenging and rewarding career opportunity that comes your way in the middle of the month.

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    You put your aggressiveness and innovative methods to good use this period. Develop new skills and give yourself an edge over others. Good communication skills will help you make a good impression and move your career ahead. By accepting challenging situations, you will be able to show your latent skills. To achieve success you need to have the ability to handle sticky situations. You have all the necessary decision-making ability to achieve results.

    Taurus Monthly Horoscope: October | cartxyronerup.ga

    As far as possible, take the help of your subordinates. Travel related expenses are highly indicated in the first week, Taurus. You may experience a financial crunch due to these unexpected expenses. There are chances that you might have to deal with matters related to loans and investments at the same time. In the second week there will be stability in your monetary situation.

    Plan your budget accordingly and do not forget to discuss it with your family members too. Consult a good financial expert to get good returns from your investments. Your past investments are likely to bring good results and ease the pressure off your shoulders. In the third week you will profit by entering into a joint venture with someone close to you. Financial gains are indicated for you especially towards the middle of the third week.

    A long pending legal battle is likely to be decided in your favour. You must restrain yourself from investing in the share market as much as possible. Mutual funds are likely to bring you good profits this month. Taking the advice of a financial expert will help you make wise choices on the financial front. You are likely to feel a little agitated this month. Some of you have been sitting idle for long stretches of the day. Now stop doing so, as this has given way to a lot of negative thoughts to enter your mind.

    Older folk need to be careful regarding your blood pressure and sugar levels this month. Take all the necessary precautions. Also, do be careful while walking on rough terrains.