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Kiyoko's dad, Aric Merolli, 41, said the protest party was a compromise - one that would allow Kiyoko and her friends to express their individual views and support the First Amendment, without overtly politicizing the celebration. Like, who has a protest for a birthday party? Kiyoko's grandmother, Saundra Plett, 63, obtained the necessary permits from District police and the National Park Service, which dubbed the rally "Children's First Amendment Demonstration to promote kindness and care.

Kate Stewart, the mayor of Takoma Park, Maryland, where Kiyoko's family lives, opened the party with a speech.

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Stewart, who was enthralled when she received an invitation from Kiyoko, said she wanted to show the birthday girl what it means to be a strong female leader. We are a welcoming, diverse community - and that does not happen by accident. It takes things like this birthday party to remind us about why our community values are so important.

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They have a voice today. I think coming to something like this teaches them that.

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The District hosts hundreds of protests a year, and about of them receive a permit from the National Park Service, according to that agency's records. Many District-area kids are experienced protesters by the time they reach double digits. Several in the crowd on Saturday had already attended a rally or two - the Women's March, or the March for Our Lives, or demonstrations against immigrant detention centers and federal policies that separated families at the U. One such first-timer, Maddie, 8, hovered at the front of the line Saturday morning, holding up a sign that bore just one word: "Peace.

Kiyoko attended her first protest last year, when she went to the anti-gun violence March for Our Lives with a group of friends from school. She said she remembers it being loud and crowded.

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She wished there was more actual marching. There was only one part she didn't love: A group of family friends arrived carrying large signs with her face blown up big and the words "Kiyoko America awaits her. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium.

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